Pet First Aid

Accidents happen, even to our beloved pets. Are you prepared to be their hero in times of need?
Introducing "Pet First Aid," your go-to guide for every pet owner.

Learn essential first aid techniques, recognise common pet emergencies, and be ready to act when it counts. Our comprehensive course covers everything from how to check for shock, managing a severe bleed, choking, seizures, and what to do if your pet is bitten by a snake.

As Tasmania's leading first aid provider, St John has been keeping the community safe for 140 years, and we want to make sure our pet community are safe too! Enroll in our pet first aid course and help us ensure your furry friend's safety and well-being. 

Included in the course is a free St John Pet First Aid Kit valued at $38.95, plus some special extras that aren't in the regular kit!

What certification do you get?

This course is not nationally accredited so all participants will be issued a statement of attendance.

Participants receive a free St John Pet First Aid Kit valued at $38.95, plus some special extras.

Sorry, there are no courses available at this time. Please check back in or call 1300 78 5646 for more information.