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First Aid tips for running

Runners and S John Ambulance

This Sunday, November 19th, marks the annual Point to Pinnacle Half Marathon.

Covering a distance of 21.2 kilometres with a whopping elevation gain of 1,270 meters, it's safe to say this uphill challenge is not for the faint of heart.

Running a half marathon is no small feat, and when it's all uphill, it adds a whole new layer of difficulty! If you're one of the 3000 participants taking on this adventure, our goal is to ensure you have an incredible experience on race day. So, let's dive into some tips to keep you safe on the day.

The Night Before:

Get ready for race day by making sure you're well-hydrated, well-rested, and well-nourished. Enjoy a balanced meal with carbs, protein, and healthy fats. Steer clear of alcohol, caffeine, and spicy foods that might upset your stomach or lead to dehydration. Also, check the weather forecast to plan your clothing and gear accordingly.

What to Wear:

Dress appropriately for both the weather and the challenging terrain. Choose comfortable, well-fitted shoes with reliable grip. Layer your clothing for flexibility with changing temperatures. Don't forget a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen for protection from the sun. Consider bringing a jacket or blanket for the finish line, where temperatures can be quite chilly.

Remain Hydrated:

Stay hydrated by sipping small amounts regularly. For runs exceeding an hour, sports drinks can be beneficial as they help maintain your salt balance. Avoid excessive water intake, refraining from drinking 45 minutes prior to the race.

Dealing with Cramps:

Cramps can be a challenge, often caused by lactic acid buildup. Maintain proper salt and fluid levels to prevent them. If a cramp strikes, pause and stretch the affected muscle for 30-60 seconds. Remember, easing the cramp is worth those few lost seconds.

Find Our St John Team if You Feel Unwell:

During the race, pace yourself and listen to your body. If you experience dizziness, nausea, cramps, or difficulty breathing, there will be designated first aid points where our St John First Aid team will be ready to assist you. Don't hesitate to seek their guidance if any concerns arise.

After the Race:

Post-race, cool down gradually and stretch your muscles. Rehydrate with water or sports drinks and enjoy snacks with carbohydrates and protein to replenish your energy and aid muscle recovery.

By following these first aid tips, you're not just minimising the risk of injuries or illnesses, but you're ensuring that every moment of this incredible day is one for the books. Lace up those running shoes, embrace the challenge, and make each step count!