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Interactive first aid course now in Tassie!

A trainer demonstrating CPR on manikins in the background, with students practicing in the foreground.

Introducing SJx, our new first aid course that leverages the power of your smartphone, transforming it into a dynamic learning hub!

In today's fast-paced world, finding time for essential training can be a challenge. That's why we've harnessed the technology of our smartphones to bring you a first aid course that delivers a high-quality first aid training experience in a reduced amount of time. 

Through a blend of engaging video tutorials, and interactive simulations, we make learning both effective and enjoyable. This isn't your typical first aid course; it's a gamified experience that captivates and educates simultaneously.

This new version of our famous Provide First Aid course combines our love for fun and immersive practical training, with the efficiency of video-enhanced training. Students review real-world scenarios, and complete their assessment questions using their own phones/smart devices.

What sets our course apart?

  • Interactive content: Dive into scenarios that mimic real-life emergencies, helping you to practice your skills in a virtual environment. Our course is designed to keep you engaged and ensure that the knowledge sticks.
  • Expertly designed: Our content is curated by first aid professionals and educators, ensuring that you receive the latest and most effective¬†

Whether you're looking to enhance your skills for personal satisfaction or to fulfil a job requirement, our first aid course is tailored to meet your needs. It's perfect for busy professionals, parents, students, and anyone who wants to empower themselves with the knowledge to save lives.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a new wave of first responders. Sign up today and be prepared for tomorrow. Your journey towards becoming a lifesaver starts here!

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