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National Road Safety Week: Drivers First Aid Saves Lives

Airway being cleared in car

Every year, lives are lost on our roads, and the ripple effect of these tragic accidents is felt throughout families, communities, and beyond. However, many of these lives can be saved with prompt, effective action at the scene. During National Road Safety Week, St John Ambulance Tasmania is committed to raising awareness about road safety and providing crucial skills to help drivers respond effectively in emergencies. 

First Aid For Drivers: Empowering You to Save Lives 

St John offers a free First Aid For Drivers course designed to empower drivers to deliver immediate assistance after a crash, with specific skills tailored to the most common and critical injuries that occur in road emergencies. 

The Driver First Aid course uses engaging, interactive content to empower young drivers with crucial skills. These include lifting an unconscious person’s chin to clear their airway, managing head, spinal, and chest injuries, and preventing shock. The practical nature of the course prepares learners to respond to emergencies with composure and effectiveness. By understanding how to open an airway and maintain it correctly, participants will be better equipped to prevent suffocation. Simple but effective actions can significantly reduce mortality rates and minimise complications.

Preparing Drivers for Road Emergencies 

While no one likes to think about being involved in an accident, preparing drivers to act confidently can make a world of difference. The Driver First Aid course gives drivers the tools to protect themselves and others in a time of crisis. The practical skills acquired are invaluable not only for one's peace of mind but also for the potential to save a life.

Join Us in Making Roads Safer 

National Road Safety Week is an important reminder of the shared responsibility to keep our roads safe. St John Driver First Aid program is a crucial step toward reducing road trauma and empowering all drivers to respond confidently in an emergency. 

Enrol in the free course via the link: